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What Is A Good CTR On Facebook?

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Today’s question comes from Heather’s video channel and someone is asking what is a good click-through rate using Facebook ads? The answer is I don’t know and the reason why is because click-through rates are irrelevant. They simply don’t matter in advertising when you are just starting out. They do matter a little bit because if your click-through rate on Facebook is too low, it means that usually, the ad platform will stop serving your ads. They will do it because it means, the ad is not relevant enough.

How can CTR affect deliverability?

click through rateSometimes a higher click-through rate will result in more reach, which is a good thing. But for you, for your metrics, for your business click-through rates are irrelevant. You should not get obsessed with the click-through rate. It’s a metric that matters more to advertising platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords, simply because for them, it matters how many people click and how relevant your ad is in their eyes. What is important for us is do people buy right things or how much money are you making per click.

Which metrics are important in Facebook ad manager?

That’s a metric called earnings per click, and that’s an interesting metric for you. It’s not what is the percentage of people that see your ad and clicks on it. Those numbers don’t matter because they aren’t focused on the ROI and the revenue.

earnings per clickYou need to concentrate on the ROI metrics, and that starts with the cost per click. You want to know your cost per click and your earnings per click. That way you can quickly determine if you’re making a profit or not. If you’re generating leads, you’re going to know your opt-in cost. If you are sending people straight to an order page, you want to know your cost per “add to cart”, your cost per purchase and stuff like that. Then you can easily determine if your ad is profitable and if it is profitable, you can scale it up and you can keep measuring its profitability with these metrics.

In fact, the click-through rate is so irrelevant, that I recommend getting rid of it in your Facebook manager. That’s what I did right in the Facebook ads manager. You can choose which columns you want to show, which metrics you want to display, and you can do this by the way by clicking on “customise columns”. Then you can select all the metrics you want to show. The first thing I do, when I run ads for a new client or myself, I go and customise the columns. I get rid of useless metrics like the click-through rate and the general cost per click on Facebook. Now Facebook has to click metrics one of them is the cost per click for the link, and it’s called CPC link, and the other one is the general cost per click which also shows you any clicks that were made on images in your ad or clicks to your Facebook page. There’s a ton of metrics you don’t need to pay attention to and those metrics matter only to Facebook.

Why you should get rid of CTR on your advertiser account?

As for an advertiser, you need to focus on what is important to you and that is as I said ROI or return on investment. Focus on how much money you are making and your earnings per click and eliminate these additional metrics from your awareness. They’re simply not needed, and that’s why I can’t answer the question – what is a good CTR for Facebook ads. I simply don’t know. Make sure you don’t get lost in these arbitrary metrics that Facebook presents prominently and which don’t matter for your business.