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By December 19, 2006PMG Blog

I just returned from an incredible California Disneyland vacation with my 6 year old son Torsten and WHAM I get tagged.

December has been filled with SEO awards and Tags and emails and work and now what is going on! We are not busy enough you guys had to go invent a Blog game during Q4 no less?

Alright, so I am pulling some interesting people in on this, I hope they have the time and the patience to reciprocate the tagging; I am interested to see who is next. It could be you!

Stephen Ralph from top-affiliate.com pulled me into this, so what’s it all about?  Well, I’m supposed to tell you 5 things you may not know about me.

5 Things you didn’t know about Heather Paulson

1) I am single, have been for awhile as I have concentrated on my son and my career and now my e commerce Master’s program at NYIT! Watch out I prefer to prowl at industry events such as Affiliate Summit, e marketing Association, and Ad Tech.
2) I used to race down hill skiing when I was young, I am teaching my son to ski now, we are very active with snow skiing, camping, hiking, boating, Martial Arts, Boy Scouts, swimming every Wednesday etc.

3) I volunteer my time to help: Boy Scouts of America, Autism Network and Aspergers awareness programs and websites.

4) I LOVE picked asparagus

5) I drive 50 miles an hour on the freeway! I do not care who honks at me I turn my rear view mirror so I can not see them. And hey, if I get pulled over it is just another dating opp right?

Here are my blog tag predecessors. I was tagged by Stephen Ralph who was tagged by  Bobbie Grennier, who was tagged by Linda Buquet who was tagged by Anik Singal who was tagged by Rosalind Gardner, who was tagged by Jeremy Palmer.

I am now tagging, Haiko of AbestWeb.com, Beth Kirsch of Riya, Shawn Collins of AffiliateTip.com, Jeff Molander of ThoughtShapers.com

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  • Stephen says:

    That’s awesome you volunterr you time to help Boy Scouts of America, Autism Network and Aspergers awareness programs/websites around your hectic schedule. Good for you. Evidently picked asparagus is a significant factor in your life to make this list. ROFL!

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