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Tax Return Sale With Free Gifts | TyentUSA Affiliate Program

Invest your tax returns wisely this year and spend your wealth on your health! For a short time, TyentUSA is promoting a Tax Return Special!

Save up to $1,200 on Select Water Ionizers + Free Gifts, No Tax, and Free Shipping! Use promo code: LoveTyent

Your Free Gifts include a Stainless Steel GoodLife Bottle, Shower Filter Lux, and a TYgo Portable Water Alkalizer, as well as Free Sipping and Tyent Pays Your Tax!  Shop Now!

$1,200 Off the Under Counter Extreme 9000 Turbo Ionizer (UCE-9000T)

$1,000 Off Tyent’s Award Winning 9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer!

Save $900 on Tyent’s 7070 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer!

Enjoy Tyent’s Tax Return Savings and Free Gifts with promo code: LoveTyent

Drinking alkaline water is an easy way to be healthier without trying too hard – and the Tyent UCE-9000T enhances your health from under your counter. Unlike tap or bottled water, alkaline water lends antioxidants to your body with every sip, making sure you have more of the good guys and less of the bad guys at work for your body.

Ionized Water essentially rejuvenates us. A glass of alkaline water brings us as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth, as incredible as that may sound!

Health affiliates interested in the TyentUSA Affiliate Program have the potential to earn up to $698 commission on just ONE sale! TyentUSA has a high average order value, high EPC and datafeed. New banners and text links available for affiliates!

Affiliates – Join Now!

The TyentUSA affiliate program is professionally managed by the team of Paulson Management Group, Inc. Our goal is to keep you informed of TyentUSA products and offers to help you be more productive, more efficient, and more profitable! If you have any questions, please contact us at: Tyent(at)

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