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How To Maximize Your Income With A Successful Product Launch

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Within the business community, it is well known that the best way to make a significant amount of money is to start some type of affiliate program. When this is done properly particularly online, your sales force can grow exponentially overnight.

Affiliate marketing provides a win-win opportunity for everyone who is involved as top sales people have a variety of products to sell, while vendors get the benefit of market leading sales techniques and email lists.

Like every good opportunity, the affiliate program lives and dies on its system. For many vendors, this is where the problems begin. To make their product launch a success, they need the technical knowledge, infrastructure, marketing expertise and exposure to affiliates.

This can be very challenging especially for people who are already busy creating products, content, marketing emails and everything else that goes into a product launch. That is where Paulson Management Group comes in.

Paulson Management Groupformula for perfect product launch are the experts in affiliate programs, paid search engine management, consulting, and the latest online business opportunities. Their role is to assess and analyze the various opportunities for their users and also assist vendors to market their products by providing them with the latest technology and systems. These systems are both tried and tested, and provide vendors with a proficient, reliable and efficient marketing system out of the box.

Located in the technology hub of Bolder Colorado, Paulson Management Group Inc, launches and manages affiliate programs for leading companies worldwide.

Selling products online, developing a client list, even creating a landing page that converts requires skills and talents that many businesses don’t possess, and frankly many of those companies don’t have the time or need to master these skills.

They are too busy concentrating on their primary business models, without the need to learn more skills. When you employ Paulson Management Group, you are getting the equivalent of a system in a box. They will take care of the setup, and the processes, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Featured Affiliate Program: The All-New Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker

The latest business to be featured on the Paulson Management Group’s system is Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula. This exciting product fits nicely with Paulson Managements criteria as it is almost a step by step guide as to how to complete a successful business launch. The product contains huge amounts of top quality cutting edge information, after all the internet is continually evolving. Some of the information covered includes

  • Top #10 Insider tips about Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula,
  • Up To Date Secrets That Have Never Been Published Before.

This Product Launch Formula has been extensively reviewed and the full details can be read on

review and bonus on ProductLaunchClass

If you have read the review above you will realize that if you have a quality product that is in demand this fantastic guide will literally steer your path to success. The product even teaches you how to encourage your reader to purchase the product, with advanced selling techniques, which are so simple, once you understand the principles.

The beauty of learning these skills is that once you know how to set up a system, it is like having a golden key to success. This is easily repeatable and can be altered to suit any product type.

This system has been responsible for earning individual marketers over $100,000, so even if it only worked half as well for you that would still be worth $50,000 for a one-time setup. If someone offered you an opportunity to earn $50,000 on a regular basis wouldn’t it be worth looking into?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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What is affiliate marketing?  This is an obvious first question if you’re looking to explore the opportunities providing by launching an affiliate marketing program.

The concepts of affiliate marketing, on a cost per sale basis, are relatively simple.  If you have something to sell (product or service) there are people and companies (affiliates) that can advertiser it for you.  All they ask is that you pay them a percentage of the sale that they helped generate.  Definitely a win-win situation for both parties.

There are multiple networks and/or tracking platforms that can manage the sales tracking and the distribution of affiliate payments.  Some examples of these affiliate marketing networks are; LinkShare, Commission Junction, ShareaSale, Google, etc.  These networks allow you (the seller) to launch a program and then allow the advertisers (affiliates) to select which affiliate marketing programs they will promote.

Simple, right?  Here’s where it gets a bit more complicated.  There are multiple ways in which you can structure your affiliate marketing program.  There is the decision on which affiliate network(s) you should launch with.  Media needs to be created for the program.  You will need to define your affiliate marketing program terms, implement tracking, develop recruiting lists, etc.  PMG will take care of all of this for you.  We have the experience to know how your program should be set up and we manage the entire launch process for you.  Below is an example of some of the services we provide.

•    Analyze the competitive landscape
•    Set up the commission rates
•    Outline the program terms
•    Select the best network
•    Create media
•    Develop recruiting lists
•    Implement tracking
•    Affiliate marketing program launch
•    Ongoing management of your program

Affiliate marketing programs can generate significant revenue for your company and are one of the best ways to advertise since you only pay the affiliate when a sale is generated.  This is performance marketing at its core.

CONTACT US to see if launching an affiliate marketing program is right for you.  We’re available any time to discuss how and when you should launch your affiliate marketing program.

Tips for Launching a Lead Generation Program

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Are you launching a lead generation program online? Lead gen programs are a great way to grow your business and Paulson Management Group Inc has the tools to help.

Lead generation campaigns are a tremendous way for you to find potential customers for your product or service. Being able to focus your attention on customers that have already expressed interest helps stretch sales and marketing budget. Here are a few things to pay attention to when starting up your lead gen program in a way to prepare it to grow.

• Tracking – Integrate the source of your leads in your CRM in a way that allows you to trace back the source.

• Quality – Make sure that you are working with partners that are working with you to ensure your not just getting volume, but also quality leads.

• Partners – Look for partners that can exponentially expand the source of your leads and can help optimize your program to further hone in on higher converting leads.

PMG works with numerous publishers and networks to funnel lead traffic to you from varied sources and works with you to isolate the best quality. For an evaluation of your lead gen program contact the Lead Generation Management Team at Paulson Management Group, Inc.

Online Lead Generation – Getting Started

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Online lead generation can be an extremely successful proposition for those looking to increase their lead funnel.  Although, getting started can be a daunting task for those not familiar with the channel.  There is an endless list of online lead generation networks and many agencies who promise to generate a high volume of quality leads but fail to meet expectations.  In the end the problem can usually be traced back to the agency’s or network’s inability to understand the ultimate goal of the company seeking leads.

When PMG takes on a new client we take the time to REALLY understand your overall goal for the online lead generation channel.  This starts with evaluating some key items:

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

– The type of online leads you want to receive
– Understanding how you’re monetizing your online leads
– The criteria being applied to qualify a lead
– The value attributed to each lead
– How much you should or are willing to pay for each lead
– Evaluating the quality of leads
– How aggressively or slowly you want to ramp up
– Etc…

We have worked with companies that are very familiar with the online lead generation space and those just getting started.  This means that we know which questions to ask and what advice to give.  If you’ve already ventured in to the space and have had some success then we can take your program to the next level.  If you’re just getting started then we can make the launch of your online lead generation program an extremely comfortable and stress free process.
Either way, PMG has the team and tools to make your online
lead generation program successful.

Click HERE to learn more about our online lead generation management services.

If you’re ready to get started then contact us for a FREE PROPOSAL.

Affiliate Program Management | Increasing Your Revenue

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Launching an affiliate program under the management of PMG is a great way to increase your revenue stream. The beauty of the affiliate program is that you have thousands of affiliates marketing your product or services and you only pay when they generate a sale. This is known as CPA or Cost Per Action. This is one of the most effective means of online marketing because you are almost guaranteed to have a positive ROI.

With that said, not all affiliate programs are successful. You need a strong affiliate program management team that can effectively manage your program and increase your revenue.

PMG Affiliate Program Management

PMG Affiliate Program Management

Here are a few things to consider when launching your program.

• How you’re going to structure the overall program and commissions
• What network(s) you will launch with
• How tracking is going to be set up
• What affiliates you want to work with
• How your affiliate program management will be structured
• Etc

In our experience we’ve seen that these decisions are best made with an agency who can advise you on the best course of action. There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of time and resources on launching a program that isn’t going to generate results.

As your affiliate program management agency we will launch, manage and grow your affiliate program(s) with attention to every detail.

Contact us today for a free proposal!

ShareASale Party Affiliate Summit Photos

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The ShareASale Party was, as usual, a true highlight of Affiliate Summit. “Under the Stars” was the theme, and the darkened room sparkled with all the stars of Affiliate Summit shining bright!

The elegantly appointed Miranda Ballroom featured multiple food stations, including a flowing fountain of chocolate fondue, a station full of icecream sundae fixings, and other tasty treats scattered throughout the rest of the large room. In the middle of the room was a dance floor that was almost always full. Those who weren’t dancing, though, could enjoy Wii stations with big screen TVs, a free photo booth, or could even sign up for a go at karaoke.

Below are a few photos taken throughout the evening!
Peter founder of

Peter founder of joined in with Brian Littleton of ShareaSale and other party attendees

Brian Littleton of ShareASale and Heather Paulson

Brian Littleton of ShareASale and Heather Paulson

joel wood and brian littleton

Brian Littleton of ShareASale and PMG VP, Joel Wood



Brian Littleton of ShareASale and PMG team members.

PMG team members at the Circle Bar

PMG team members at the Circle Bar before heading to the ShareASale Party.