Paid search and natural search managed with strategies that get results!

If a search company can not get placement for their own site, why would you hire them to do yours?

KW: Search Engine Management – out of 45,200,000 results WE are page #1 Spot #5
KW: Search Management – out of 509,000,000 results WE are page #1 spot #3

it goes on… and on… 14 Years experience, ex Microsoft – We are the real experts in SEO

Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Management

SEO Planning, SEO Strategy & SEO Management.

  • On page Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Keyword analysis & research
  • We strive for full site indexing and multiple page placement (SEO sweep’s)
  • Golden keyword attribution and TD analysis and application through key points (Regions) of bot scrutiny on your site (Siloing)
  • Structured analysis of engine placement and monthly algorithm maneuvering
  • Incoming link generation without bottlenecks and internal link mapping and organization (We disclose all backlink sources to you)
  • Golden keyword density check throughout meta and site content
  • Proprietary strategies to circumvent Google sandbox and slowly “step” your way into top placement.
  • Google sitemap’s, robot.txt file, css attributes, meta tag generation
  • Competitor placement reports, competitor analysis and consulting on maneuvering or out placing competitors
  • Folder naming, page path organization, code structuring, deep linking, anchor texts, and other best practices.
  • Previously hard to manage SEO cases our specialty.
  • Google’s Universal search has changed the landscape in content, we can help you get top natural exposure with clear strategies that work.
  • Search optimized press releases, back link reports, reputation management

Natural Search Engine Management Proposal

Natural Search Management

Effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come from the organization of the on page as well as off page content factors for your website. PMG® does everything in house and will develop a unique SEO strategy that is right for your vertical as well as for your brand. We will guide you through our optimization process and ensure you understand each area we cover so that you understand how we are able to achieve the success we do. With over 13 years of SEO optimization testing and experience Ms. Paulson personally overseas and manages the activities on each SEO account.

SEO Management

Paid Search Management

Paid Search Engine Management – New Google Accounts will receive $100 Credit!
Planning, Strategy, & Management

  • Keyword analysis & research – negative keyword list generation
  • Competitor analysis, launch strategy, projected campaign cost analysis report
  • Ad Copy creation and A/B ad copy split testing implementation – CTR strategy consultation
  • Search Engine Tracking pixel & tracking URL integration and testing
  • Google Mobile Text ads, Google Video, Google Newspaper Ad Management also available!
  • Search engine template (bulk sheet) building and loading
  • Ad campaign, ad group, and phrase type segmentation to increase quality score
  • Application of destination URL tracking for API if necessary
  • Advanced paid search engine strategy consultation (Google quality score, landing page assessments, display URL strategies, Multivariate ad copy testing, PV (page view) monitoring.
  • Regional – Custom – Global campaign set up and budget distribution and monitoring
  • Paid Search engine weekly, monthly, annual reporting and analysis
  • Keyword expansion assessment (Long tail term research)
  • Daily bid rate management – Day parting- API bid rate optimizers initiated

We are aggressive paid search strategists, your competition will not be happy! Our professional search engine management services will help your company grow, profit, and survive in a very aggressive online channel. Hiring in house search engine managers (SEM) can be costly, time consuming, and as well it can be very difficult to find anyone with real experience as a search management professional. a certified Google Adwords specialist will oversee the direction of your Google, Yahoo!, MSN accounts and our SEO management services are all done internally we do not outsource to third parties, ensuring your success.

Paid Search Engine Management Proposal

Search Engine Management Testimonials

“Heather is mind-numbingly bright and really understands online marketing. If you need help with optimizing your Pay Per Click marketing, SEO, or your website’s ability to convert more traffic- give her a call. She asks intelligent questions to get a full picture of what the client needs, then presents proposals that cover all bases. She knows her stuff and I enjoy working with her.”

Wade Tonkin , Director of Sales – North America, ForgeBusiness USA


Amazing, it is two days now after implementing the changes that Heather suggested, my ranking improved significantly, “kicked-up” to 20th placement from 120 placement on my most important keyword, improved significantly on other keywords as well….

All my complements Heather!
Yaron PPC Classroom Student


I am so impressed with the SEO work that PMG® has done for me. I had no idea how little I knew about the field before hiring them. What impresses most about Heather is that she not only does a great job at improving my rankings, but she walks me through every step that she does so I am equipped to replicate the success once she is done optimizing my site. I can’t recommend this organization enough.

Erika Dickstein
Vice President, Marketing