PMG can develop a media strategy that will set you apart from the competition.

Explore cutting-edge communications solutions from the PMG video production division. PMG can help you create a high impact video for your affiliates and we can help you implement affiliate video tracking for your affiliate program. Or perhaps you would like your video in Google’s content network or you might like a brand presence on Whatever your needs for video, we can build it and we know the channels that can gain you the most brand impact. For a customized video production proposal please contact us.

We can produce a video for your brand or take one of your existing videos and integrate it into many of the affiliate networks we work with. Affiliates then take your video and promote the sales of your products on their sites or blog, the affiliate gets commission for each consumer who clicks through the video and makes a purchase.

PMG is the only OPM producing and using video as trackable media in the affiliate and CPA network environments.

Affiliate Video’s

Network Solutions Affiliate VideoPMG launched the Network Solutions affiliate program in Commission Junction, and as part of that launch integrated this video for their affiliates to use through the advanced links section of Commission Junction.

Blue Mountain Affiliate VideoBlue Mountain came to PMG requesting affiliate video for the holiday season. This beautiful holiday video was launched into the Commission Junction network as an advanced link for affiliates and affiliate partners.

American Greetings Affiliate VideoPMG integrated this fun holiday video affilaite ad for American Greetings in the Commission Junction affiliate network. It was launched into the Commission Junction network as an advanced link for affiliates and affiliate partners.

Flip Affiliate VideoPMG launched the flip affiliate program in Commission Junction, we integrated two of the flip videos into CJ as part of the affiliate media strategy and integrated the videos into Commission Junctions advanced links sections for affiliate and video affiliate partners.

Build-A-Bear Affiliate Holiday VideoBuild-A-Bear Workshop® asked Paulson Management Group, Inc. to create video media to promote their holiday offers. We created a holiday video and launched it in the advanced link section of the Commission Junction Network.

Build-A-Bear Affiliate VideoBuild-A-Bear Workshop® hired Paulson Management Group, Inc not only to launch and manage their affiliate program in the Commission Junction network but to also provide video and other advanced media integration into their affiliate program for their affiliate partners.

Wickers Affiliate was featured on the History Channels Modern Marvels! Paulson Management Group, Inc took the featured video from the TV show as supplied by and integrated the video into the affiliate program as an advanced link within Commission Junction. Affiliates are now able to use the video to market this merchant as well receive commissions on any consumers who click through the video and make a purchase on the website.

DecalGirl Affiliate needed a video emphasizing their fantastic design array for multiple electronics. PMG produced and integrated the affiliate video into the Commission Junction network. The video player has viral components that ensure the affiliate gets commission from viral consumer purchases as well.

Dyscern Affiliate VideoPMG designed, developed, and produced a video specifically for the affiliate channel for using animation as the background video style. Funky, hip, and pulling in plenty of clicks for the brand! Affiliate VideoPaulson Management Group, Inc produced an amazing animated video for the affiliate program in Commission Junction. PMG integrated the affiliate video into CJ’s advanced link area for their affiliate partners. The video includes a front frame teaser to incite a consumer click to play and an end frame which showcases a coupon to ensure a high conversion rate for affiliate partners. Affiliate a leading online retailer for pet lovers asked PMG to develop a simple spot to emphasize their product line to consumers, we integrated the affiliate video into Commission Junction to ensure affiliates had this video as part of their overall marketing media lineup! (The link in the video will work when the program is Live in CJ) Affiliate for the Holidays, what a great way for affiliates to increase their commissions! PMG integrated this video into Commission Junction for Holiday affiliates. Increasing sales for the Holidays with video! Affiliate has BPA stainless steel drinkware that is the official drinkware of the 2010 Olympic Speed Skating team. Their message is clean and simple and PMG assisted them in expanding their sales online by launching an affiliate program in Commission Junction. We also integrated their videos as advanced links for affiliate partners as part of the overall marketing strategy. Affiliate needed their consumer video integrated into their affiliate program within the Commission Junction network. PMG integrated the video and created a front frame and end frame with a rewarding consumer offer to attract consumers from affiliate sites to make a purchase through the video.

39DollarGlasses Affiliate supplied PMG with a fantastic affiliate video which we added a front frame too as well as converted the video and integrated it into this merchants advanced links section within their Commission Junction account. Now affiliates have NEW and exciting media to increase sales!

39DollarGlasses Affiliate Elevator hired Paulson Management Group, Inc to produce a viral fun video for the social media channels as well as a supplemental media piece for the affiliate program which PMG integrated into Commission Junction as an advanced link for affiliate partners.

Organic India Affiliate VideoOrganic India needed a video for the affiliate channel, which PMG produced using gentle imagery and a male voiceover to convey the Organic India aesthetic. We integrated it for affiliates in the ShareaSale network Affiliate VideoPMG produced and directed a video with PMG team member Jen Teafatiller as the hostess! The affiliate video focuses on the usage of the services. PMG used a video hostess to simply explain to users how effective and simple services are. We then integrated the video into Commission Junction as part of the affiliate media lineup. Affiliate VideoThe video was sent to PMG directly from the merchant. PMG Converted the video and integrated it into a viable affiliate channel tracking solution. Affiliate needed a video focused on the youth demographic expressing their “insaneetee” promotion. The video had to immediately capture the audience’s attention in a manner that would be sent to friends (viral). The affiliates ID goes viral with the video, so video is becoming very popular with affiliates. PMG is proud to have produced this video for Affiliate combines beautiful artwork, personalized greetings, and professional printing to help create tangible reminders of life’s events, big and small. obtained this Mother’s Day video from and integrated the video as an advanced link in Commission Junction as marketing materials for their affiliate partners. Affiliate hired PMG affiliate video production team to shoot a SPOOF of the popular My New Haircut Youtube video. We produced the video and posted it in the clients Youtube channel, integrated the video in Commission Junction and hit the social media channels with this popular FUNNY video for! Affiliate VideoOur client sent us a fantastic video detailing their eco Friendly wedding cards. PMG team members integrated the video into Commission Junction for affiliates to use as part of the affiliate programs media lineup marketing this brand. Affiliate VideoPMG affiliate management client needed a fun video that demonstrated their product line to consumers, we produced a video for integration into the Commission Junction network to assist affiliates in their marketing efforts!

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